Funny thoughts


How do you deal with being alone? I recently read an article from WebMD that stated how loneliness is bad for your health. Understanding that it is needed every now and then to “recharge” mentally, overall it is not good for someone to be alone.

As I was reading it I started to wonder (because it wasn’t clear) if they mean being with someone 24/7, or just being around people who make you happy, or just being in a crowded room?

I love being alone at times, it helps me stay somewhat focused on what I’ve got to do. My cat is definitely enough distraction all on his own, but at the same time I love being able to curl up with someone, watch some T.V., or even a movie because I want to feel him, his warmth, the sound of his heart beating, and holding his hand.

The article kept saying how we are community people, like we need to belong to a group of people who can keep the chemical balance in our brain going, it’s like a happy register or something like that, they needs to be full filled every now and then. It kept saying that being with someone helps with your overall health. It’s funny because when your with someone who makes you happy and makes you calm there is this level of peace that takes over your body, you don’t realize it when your with them, but if you just stop from whatever your doing you might be able to see it, or even feel it.

I know I’m so used to being around people, doesn’t matter who they are. Family, friends, my new co-workers and more. However, I do also appreciate my time alone, it is a moment of self reflection, at times a bit of degrading to myself because I want to reach out to someone, but at the same time I really don’t, because I feel like a total burden and an annoying piece of their past that will not just walk away. It’s that saying, “I’m beating a dead horse.” Kind of feeling, knowing that I need to let it go, yet something always happens and I fall back into what I know is comfortable, only because it is, and I’m temporarily happy, not sad, and not seeing what it truly is…..Nothing.

I honestly look forward to the day when I can be with someone who wants to be with me. Knowing that I am a hot mess mentally, he is still willing to walk this life with me. No, not marriage, but just being with me, just as I am with him. I’d love to be able to share my bed with him, not just myself and an overweight cat, but someone who I can curl up with in the middle of the night, or even in the early morning.

The crap part about that article is it made me feel so alone, and sad. I had to stop reading it. Some of it was like looking at my life, and the rest was just me nodding my head in agreement.

Being alone is bad for your health, we are meant to be around people, we are meant to be in love. This world wasn’t created for us to be alone all the time, but every now and then is okay.

How do you deal with being alone?

I’ve got my Kindle, it has HBO & Starz channel on it, plus Netflix and Hulu. Lol! Just saying, not to mention my books. As you can see I deflect my loneliness a lot, kind of used to it.