Funny thoughts

Sex….men vs. women

This particular topic is always fun to discuss. It can make you blush or walk away from it. The messed up part is sex is something that should be discussed, wondered, and even considered important, especially in a relationship between two consenting adults.

Remember it’s key to talk about sex. Especially if you want to have a great sex life with your person.

I actually never understand why people treat sex like a choice or a chore. I mean is your sex life so horrible that you no longer find joy in it at all?

I wonder this often when I am observing people. It’s a bad habit I know, but since I often write about sex in my novels it’s one of those things that I tend to get creative about. I often use my own personal experiences when I am writing too. It’s always the best example.

Now, many people on both sides of the line want to know what sex is like for the other person. So many freaking articles and research has been done to explain what it’s like, men want to know about women’s orgasm, while women want to know about men and how to get them to last longer. Some men struggle with the idea that a woman can have multiple orgasm, and yet still have the big one that makes our bodies sing with pure delight, yet we still want more from our partner.

Men on the other hand, they have so many complications when it comes to their friend below the belly button. It really does have a mind of its own. I’ve heard someone say, “The Penis does all the thinking. It will follow what it is attracted to.” Ergo the brain behind the eye balls shuts down completely.

When men are young the idea of seeing a girl naked is the best thing ever, finally touching a boob makes it all worthwhile, then the end result is finally having sex (add in a blowjob too)! Oh wow, what a fantastic door that has been pushed wide open for yourself.

The downside to being a male, is as you get older. Your sex drive decreases, you mentally know you want to have sex, but your body isn’t working with you anymore. To be honest just going to the doctor would help with all of that, but men won’t do that.

About sex for women it changes when we hit the changing seasons of our lives, it happens at any age, but to be honest it’s also something we women look forward to, for so many reasons. Sex for us is still on the brain, and still very much a thing for us.

The thing that cracks me up is visually seeing how men and women orgasm. They often say men are not pretty to look at, I can tell you that is true, makes sense as to why they are always looking to us females to see our faces, hear our screams, and to see our backs arch. To them I think it’s a wonderful site. For us, (me personally) it’s the best feeling in the world! I mean so many thoughts go through your mind, it goes blank and all you feel is the other person, and sometimes you feel nothing at all, that’s the worst, but if everything is done right then when your body does what it’s supposed to do, you feel totally worn out and beyond relaxed.

Look at it like this….two people together in bed, things are hot and heavy, the guy has the woman panting, breathing heavy, while he touches her exactly where she wants it. She closes her eyes, feeling nothing but him, her body wakes up even louder than before. She can’t form a sentence, not that she will even try, but the feelings are so good. She tingles in her hands, she can’t feel them. Her body starts to get that deep burning sensation and she knows what’s coming, he’s helping her get there, finally it happens, her body explodes from the inside out! Back is lifted off the bed, she grabs onto her lovers hands (or digs her nails deeper into his back) and she lets out this amazing scream of pure pleasure.

Guys, you have to know at that moment you’ve done something totally right!

When it comes the men, well I think it depends on the guy. Some can get off quickly (especially in certain locations), now some take time, they do this for a reason, others well I’m still figuring that one out. For most men it’s all about age. It sucks! As men age their sex drive decreases, their ability to have an erection and orgasm gets harder and harder at no fault of anyone. To me that is so unfair on so many levels. It takes longer than it used to for your body to find that much needed release and pleasure.

Not saying that if you’re with your girl, and well she surprises you by giving you a blow job in the living room of your apartment just because. The problem is, will you be ready? Younger guys will say yes, however men after a certain age may not be (again no ones fault), it will take some time. I’m not going to assume to know how it feels for a man when he finally reaches the moment of pure release, but make some freaking noises please!!! Oh my gosh MEN, how many times does someone have to tell you, if you are liking what your partner is doing please let them freaking know! Make some damn noise! It makes things better when you do that, plus women like to give ourselves a pat on the back every now and then.

Have you ever had two orgasms? Like have you ever had sex so good that not only are you looking to blow once, but it’s so great that you are able to go again? It isn’t often that it happens, but when it does, women definitely do mental fist bumps and hold some serious pride for that.

Think about what your sex life is like. Is it fun? Is it ordinary? or is it just something to pass the time? Maybe it’s already nonexistent? Only you know. If you are with someone talk to them, get to know what they want, and be honest. You maybe surprised to find out that they want to hear from you too.

Make noise men!!!!!