Funny thoughts

Relationships today vs old

When I was growing up the idea of relationships was something that was messed up. I’ve seen so many marriages and divorces. I mean think of it as a revolving door. That’s how my family treats marriage, or relationships period.

I used to tell myself that I wouldn’t be a selfish kind of partner. I’d take what he wants into consideration, his desires (before I ever really realized what they were), that I would be the best person I could be, but at the same time my own person because after all that’s who he fell for, right?

Little I realize that technology would totally change everything, I do mean everything. No one ever knows which way is up or down.

The thing I’ve realized is that I am still looking for someone who understands the old fashion way of relationships, appreciates all the little and simple things this crazy life has to offer.

I can tell you right now that for every relationship I’ve ever been in, I’ve never taken any of it for granted. I joke and tease guys, but when I’m with a man, he gets my undivided attention. It isn’t much, but it’s worth something to me.

When a man feels ignored it will reflect on them. It will start to form a great divide in their heads. They no longer feel appreciated, valued, respected, and more. I mean the list goes on and on for men. The sad part is they will never be honest about any of it with their partners.

I find humor in a lot of things, or I try to at least. I’m not expecting a man to do everything, because I was brought up to believe that was my role. He worked, he brought home the money, he managed the money, and I took care of the home. Now, things have changed. I love working, especially when I feel like I belong. I love being with someone who wants me, who needs me for something, even if it is to laugh off a long week. I always make it a point to let him know that no matter what he does, no matter who he is, I truly appreciate everything about him.

No, it’s not love, but there is a sense of great affection. Remember it’s the little things that matter most. When you remember your partners favorite coffee, how they like to curl up next to you. You get their sense of humor! That right there is a plus.

I think if you can’t laugh at something, let me help you with that, depending on the situation I can always find some humor in something. Life is hard and complicated enough.

How do you show your appreciation to your partner?

Mine is simple, if he ever really noticed any of it. The loving way I look at him, the way I touched him, kisses here and there. Words that he inspired me to write when I wasn’t sure. The never ending support for so many things. Me, doing the best I can to never question him, knowing that trusting him would be the easiest thing I could ever do & the best thing as well.

Since I am a writer, my words express my feelings and more.

I can only hope that he understands, we may not be a couple like others, but no matter what we are, he will always hold a super special place deep inside my heart. He made me smile and laugh when I completely forgot what that was like.