Funny thoughts

Missing something…..but what?? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Ever get that feeling like your missing something from your life?

Yeah, me too. My mind is so messed up with all my stress that I can’t think straight, and wish I had a way to really focus on what I need to do.

I live by the motto that, “God will provide.” Honestly he does. It’s never on my time, it’s always on his. I have to remind myself of this fact often.

Other than that, with all that I’ve been going through I often feel so alone, like I’m totally missing something, but I’m not sure what?! It’s driving me a tiny bit crazy. I think I know what I am kind of missing, then my life brings me back to reality and then I totally forget. Trust me, it doesn’t come back.

I’ll be honest I don’t think I’m missing anyone, or anything, but then again my heart & brain have mislead me before, many times.

Sometimes I feel so stupid even thinking about it, wondering about what I think I am missing or who I maybe missing because I know it’s not like that on the other side. Story of my life.

How do you deal with the feeling of possibly missing someone or something from your life?

Do you reintroduced yourself to wine, ice cream or your favorite sex toy? When your so unlucky in love you have to come up with something, right?

This is a non judgmental blog, keep an open mind and we will get a long just fine.

The thing my mind misses most is the daily peace and quiet life it once had. The chance to close the door, drink a glass of wine, read a book, or watch a movie. Do some writing to clear the mind, and maybe use one of those toys that came in the mail. Again, don’t judge!

Might as well, right? That’s why one spends the money. It’s every single girls best friend.

What do you do? Let me know.