Real Life


Ever wonder about the If’s in life? I know I do, but I have to stop myself because in the end it brings nothing pain and heartache.

My mind does the If’s a lot when it comes to relationships. I know when I end something. It’s something I can’t avoid, but at then again the idea of chances or changes coming I’m hopeful. Is it something you take notice of?

I think I’m out of If’s when it comes to my life. I’ve gotten to the point that something good may happen in my life, but certain parts of it will never work out again. Knowing deep down I’d want it to. I look at it this way, IF someone wants you then they would reach out to you. IF you were a priority to them, they would be the one to make an effort. It doesn’t always have to be you texting them, or messaging them, or just posting something.

This is when the IF’s have to stop at some point. Women are supposed to be chased, especially by a man who really wants to be with them. Men do think with just their other brain 98% of the time, but there is that 2% where they actually show some level of human emotion of giving two craps about you.

The door on the IF’s tend be left open. I think it depends on the person you are trying to move on from. The worst thing one can do is leave it wide open for a chance to get ruined again. Now, the problem is IF someone was holding onto them to not feel so alone, and the other person was just there, then the possibility of an IF for the two of them every being more than what it was, will never really happen. That’s the hardest part to deal with when it comes to relationships and the IF’s.

The hardest part is the IF’s of anything in life. What IF I make the wrong choice for this job? What IF I say no to this guy? What IF I make the wrong choice period? The funny thing about the IF’s you can never know the outcome of any situation because it isn’t something you need to know. When you realize that you do not make the right decisions for your life, it is time to look elsewhere for those answers.

I don’t rely on myself for making reasonable decisions. I have faith that all my IF’s will get answered. I have to believe that all my IF’s will be figured out at some point. If that doesn’t make any sense, please look deep inside yourself and think. Listen to that little voice inside your heart that is telling you where to find your answers.

I have to have faith, it’s all I’ve got in my life that eventually everything will workout better than it ever has before.