Funny thoughts

Love, Relationships & Sex

Good combination of topic right?

This idea of what makes a good relationship has been on my mind majority of the day. I watched as people walked past me, holding hands, laughing, and enjoying what life has given them. Yes, most of them looked married, but the key part of it all was they were happy.

What makes a good relationship worth it? What is it about someone who wants to be with you?

The word Love is something special and delicate. It holds so much fear and pain for me. Never really knowing love, but at the same time, never really getting the chance to experience it or even express it.

This four little word has so much power to bring joy to ones life, but at the same time it can hurt.

What would your goal be for love? Finding it? Sharing it? and even Expressing it?

The topic of Sex is something that is always on the for front of any relationship no matter what kind it is. I mean the topic of Casual Sex came to me when I was reading an article about how the idea and concept or even the conversation of Casual Sex is still an issue between men and women.

It said that Men are never judged for having random sex with any woman they meet. I mean it’s a pat on the back from his buddies, yet when it comes to women there is this stigma that comes into play. They get called all kinds of names and more.

I wonder if men look at women differently when they have them in their bed versus just trying to make things work?

Do they lose respect for them? Are the women thought as “Easy”, “Slut”, “Tramp”, or more?

Can all three be combined to make a successful life between two people?

Can it ever be right between two people who are different and see things differently?

Will it ever be right?

What will it take to get things right?

Do you have a breaking point when it all becomes too much and you just want to rip your heart out and smash it into a million little pieces and never let it feel again.

Do you think it’s time to just realize that it’s best to be alone?

How about you?

I mean I’m writing this on a Saturday night watching a movie with my cat snoring behind me, and two dogs sleeping at my feet.

What about you? What did you do over the weekend?