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Frost Bite

This is a great example of what a “Cold Shoulder” means. When it comes to life there are so many ways these two words have so much meaning, then again it does depend on the person, or situation.

For me life can give me the “Cold Shoulder” every now and then. It comes in many different forms. Work, personal life, and friends. Not saying that everyone I know abandons me, but at times when I do need a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk to, it isn’t there. I’m stuck in the never ending cycle of being alone.

What about you? How do you deal with the “Cold Shoulder” syndrome from friends or even a relationship?

The relationship side of the “Cold Shoulder” is something I have gotten used to. It’s warm when it needs to be, hot when its great, and in the end totally burns as I exit stage right. Trying to understand where I stand, when in reality it is what it is. Nothing. I remind myself that I need to quit, let it go, and just forget how great everything is or even could be. Now, it’s time to let it go. I know I will fail, it always happens.

I dislike when people do that to others. Why do we inflict pain on another person? Do we each get some strange form of satisfaction from it?

I hate to think of what could happen if truths ever really came to fruition, naturally something will go bad and end completely. Letting go is not my strong suit, but letting go is eventually a must.

How do you do that? Cutting things off or out completely is always so difficult, but I know it will hurt.

Now, there is always a flip side to the “Cold Shoulder” concept. It could be just a phase, it could also be the fact that a new chapter is coming in life, and it will eventually make a way to make things work out for the best. In the end I always have hope. Hope that things will work out. I know it isn’t right to hold onto hope, but it’s all I have when things go bad.

Faith is key. I always pray that the “Cold Shoulder” will eventually thaw at certain points of my life.