Funny thoughts

Just can’t quit

This topic has so many meanings to me. There is so much going on in my life that writing is my calm moment. I don't have any quiet moments anymore. It hurts more than most people would ever really realize.

My goal for this topic is when you can't quit that person that you know you need to, but everything in you and around you screams that it will all work out in the end. Who knows that the end results will be, but your just hopeful with just being that person no matter what, without any major life changing circumstances. Just us being us.

There are other things that people just can't quit. Making wrong choices! They are there daily, always around any corner, or looking at you in the face. The funny thing is making sure you acknowledge those mistakes and do the best you can to learn from them, and grow from them. The best part is you can take the opportunity to use them for what they are, LESSONS!!

How do you deal with things in your life that you can't quit? Doesn't matter what it is, or who it is. The question I have is when does it all end? Does it ever really end?

Making choices is part of life, good or bad. The sad part about all of it is, it doesn't make any of them any easier. There is always two sides to every decision we make.

When it comes to a relationship with another person, well it gets interesting from there. Sometimes we are never in our right minds. We deal with hope and optimism, rather than the truth of what things are. That is if you know the truth. Why do we struggle with relationships that have no clear definition of what it is, or even just quitting something completely. Ever wonder why someone hangs on? You know you don't want to let them go, but also knowing in the back of your mind that it could all end at some point keeps you guarded.

Crazy how the brain works when emotions are mixed up.

What about you? What do you do when your just trying to quit something??