Special Friend

Do you have a “special friend”?  Its someone special to you. It doesn’t matter if that person is family, best friend from high school or college, or just someone from Church. We all need a special friend to talk to when we are going through things or need advice, often that listening ear that allows us to just vent. We usually hang out with this special friend, grab some beers together, and just relax.

This friend knows more about you than you would care to admit, this person is also someone who would go to the ends of the earth for you, just like you would for them. The funny part about those type of friendships, they are the first one to sit with you in a jail cell or bail you out at some strange hour of the day or night.

These friends also have different definitions for people. Some are strictly platonic, others are former lovers that eventually realize it’s best to be friends, or some who are just two guys or two gals that get each other. That odd ball sense of humor we all need in our permanent BFF. When you find that person who you can lean on for things, always remember to be somewhat cautious of where the person fits into your life.

I have friends I know I can count on for things, but I don’t have someone I can call at any given time. I wish I had that, but it is how my life has worked out….Moving on.

The crap part about being single is when that friend is in a new relationship, married, or getting a divorce. Never know exactly how to help them, but beer or whiskey is always helpful. At times, needed. Now, if you think men and women can’t be friends I can tell you right now it’s a lie. I’ve been friends with a few guys for a while. One is single, lets call him L., the two of us could never be more than what we are, friends. We both have zero attraction to one another, but I know if I sit down and talk to him, I’ll be going home alone, honestly I am totally okay with it. He’s not ugly, he’s just not my type. I’m totally 100% okay with that, but at least I’ll have fun talking to him, eating a great meal, and drinking some amazing beer. The other type of guy friends I have, they are all married. Believe me I am not major threat to their lives. I’m no fan of homewreckers. They are all good men, if I needed their advice they would give it to me honestly, no sugar coating anything. I appreciate that more than they know.

Let’s talk about that “special friend” we all have. We are all guilty of it from all sides. We occasionally have that friend in college, or as we get older. It’s the one person who you enjoy spending time with, but truly enjoy the outcome of the night. This person knows exactly what you look like, sound like, kiss like, and more. Yet they still enjoy having strange off the wall conversations with you every now and then. I wonder, when does the idea or concept of that kind of friend end? Does it ever get old? How do you manage it? Do you stop being actual Friends if either of you meet someone new? The problem becomes who will have the balls to actually decide how this particular “friendship” either ends, or maybe moves on to something new. You never know what the two of you may eventually become, especially when their side finally grows up, and decides they would rather be with you than anyone else at all. It’s not settling, it’s more of “I’ve finally found someone who matches me in so many ways.” or “Okay, we have a few things we don’t match up on, but the rest of the 95% of us is pretty awesome.” Think of it like that.

I’m not great at making certain decisions in my life, but when it comes to friends in my life I consider myself to be a pretty faithful one. My phone is always on for my friends, no need to ever worry about reaching me at some bad time. I’m always a car ride away if it’s needed. Now, I may not have a lot of money, but I’ll defiantly do the best I can to bring something to drink. I make exceptions for that “special friend” it just depends on what’s going on. Sometimes the both of us are busy, tired, or just preoccupied with other things in life, not to mention mood. The funny part or sad part, depending how you look at it. I often go with sad, is my phone is always on, and at times I’m often available. We will see how things change once I go back to school full time. I know they will, they always do. It’s just surviving it in the back of my mind emotionally and physically.

Do you have a plan to survive things with losing a friend? Do you search for another friend to lean on? Looking for good ideas, advice or something that may help. Who knows you may end up helping someone else in the end.