Funny thoughts

Signs…part 2

I previously wrote about signs, do you believe in them? Do you feel like sometimes it’s nature’s crazy way of messing with you? or do you think it is total crap? I mean some things can be total coincidence, right?

I have a strong belief in signs. I think it is God’s way of letting us know that he see’s what’s going on, he hears what we are praying for, and maybe just maybe what our most inner desires are. The problem I have with them is when they show certain things to me. I either don’t want to see them, or it’s really confusing me. I mean how much more of an emotional beating am I to take? There are zero indications that anything will ever workout, but if they do how long do I have to wait?

Maybe that is what the signs are telling me, patients. Not my strong suit at all. I’m so used to getting things done now, but understanding that some have to wait because there is a timeline on it. It just depends on what I am waiting for or on.

I’ve always wondered if the other’s notice those signs? I mean you can’t be dismissive all the time, right? Maybe?? LOL! I hope there are moments in life where you sit back and think about things, pay attention to those signs that you see flashing in front of you, or while your out driving, looking at old photos, and just flash memories of whatever.

I know I should be focused on what I’m currently going through right now, believe me it’s always on my mind, and I am putting up a major fight with all of it. However, there is nothing wrong with the idea of every now and then have those flashes of happiness. Those small moments of memory that meant more to you than you realized. Why make everything so difficult? Life is complicated enough, can’t we make somethings easier?

Let me know if you believe in signs? Do you even see them? What do they mean to you? The signs I get, I wish I could get a straight forward answer cosmically speaking, because mentally I know what I’m telling myself. Hot Mess!