Funny thoughts

The Final Hurtle

There comes a moment when you realize that you are finally coming to the end of your grieving process when you finally say “Goodbye” or “I’m done!” with a relationship. You get to a point where you no longer have those weak moments whenever you see the other person, your over all the crap that they put you through emotionally because they couldn’t just own anything. 

I am thinking and feeling like I am there. FINALLY!!!!! Oh my gosh it’s the best feeling in the world. I can see my ex around (I do often) and feel absolutely nothing. I mean it’s gone. It’s like letting out a massive deep breath that you’ve been holding onto for months, or the massive boulder that is no longer around your neck because people have finally realized that, “No, we are never getting back together.” (Insert T. Swift song here, lol) but now you want to move on and focus on your life. Get it back on track before you open the door to another person. 

I’ve had way too much crap going on in my life to last me a long time. I mean I focus on positive changes that need to be made. I pray for something to happen soon. Something that will be better than what I am struggling with right now. I’m getting there, but it’s only a matter of time. I have faith that something will happen soon. 

July has been a little easier than I expected, but I’m realizing that this would have been our one year anniversary. I look at old pictures of us together and it doesn’t hurt like it used to. I have my small moments every now and then, but I love when something distracts me from thinking about him. 

Other than that how do you handle? How do you get over your ex?

 I’m good with starting over with someone who wants to be with me.