Funny thoughts

New Adventure

I am looking forward to starting something new in my life. I’ve never done this, but I might actually do this to do some type of actual research. I think it will be fun, allow me to explain.

My goal is to see how things are in the dating world. I want to try to go alone, wait for some people to show up. Just got to make sure that I tell my friends and family, but at the same time I want to go with a group of friends and just observe, walk around and have fun.

I hope to get good information about what’s going on out there, the problem is I’d like to know which questions to as ask. I’d like to talk to Bartenders, they see everything and have heard everything you could ever imagine. Heck I’ll even talk to some of the waitress’ and waiter’s to figure out what’s going on. The funny part is finding the right location for my age range.

I’m 36 years old, the problem is living in Kansas City there really isn’t any great places to meet people who are around your age or even older. It’s sad really. I mean larger Cities have places that cater to a variety of age groups, but when you hit a certain age in good ol’ KC the concept of meeting someone starts to diminish significantly.

Now I have always been attracted to certain types of men, mainly British men, I blame Jane Austin, “Pride & Prejudice”, “Mr. Darcy” I mean Colin Firth just ruined it completely for me. The problem is being in the most center part of the United States there are Zero British men here. I get excited when I run into any, I want to stand there and talk to them all day, but unfortunately I am unable to. I may sound like a total snob in that area, but something about the language, the history of England, the amazing writers, and more I can get lost in it.

Knowing some American men can be quite charming, they do have a level of arrogance to them. Not all, but some, not sure why, maybe that is something I would like to understand. Do all men have a certain type of woman? Why do they go after the skinny one’s versus those who are curvy or larger? Do they think they could find happiness with the way the person looks or is it just for one night? Also, do Christian women vs. Non-Christian women scare them? Do they think all women want to be married and have kids? Do they like it when women make their own money or do they want a housewife?

I always saw myself with a good man, we got a long, had things in common, laughed at stuff. That we balanced each other out. I mean I’m out going, strong personality, and just enjoy meeting people. If he’s not then that’s okay I can help with that where its not so intimidating. I’ve learned through many painful trials and errors of where I’ve gone wrong with relationships and where I may have gotten it right. The fact is knowing who you are and what your about. As I’ve said I am low maintenance lifestyle, but high maintenance emotionally and a man better be ready for that. If he’s not and doesn’t see a relationship between two people as a form of being committed even for just a little while then he’s missed the concept of what a new relationship could be like. Fun is what I’m looking for, someone to spend time with, someone I can be myself with and experience things with.

Could men be afraid of that? or is this a new way of looking at dating? No major commitments, but keeping it simple yet real all at the same time. Does this make men totally nervous? I mean they aren’t the one’s calling the shots at all, the woman is. It doesn’t mean that she thinks less of who they are, but I know for me I am a Feminist, but before you start thinking and start bashing me for being one, understand that I am the kind of woman who has zero problem submitting to man either because I know I’m strong enough to take it, mentally prepared for what may come, and know that if a man comes into my life like that then, he better be an “Alpha Male”.  Yes, I have a job, my own place, my own car, my own life, but it doesn’t mean I won’t make room for a man who wants to be apart of it as well. Lucky for me I know my place, I learned it very early on.

I can’t wait to find out what’s going on out there! If I need a bodyguard I can ask my my younger sister Ashley. Believe me, she’s scare you if she needs to. Who knows what can happen. I hope to gather some great information, just try not to come off as scary, that will be my challenge. Wish me luck!