Letting go & Closing Off

There are moments in life when you realize that it is time to officially let things go. Your heart hurts because you know deep down that you have to. The best part is knowing that no matter what that person tries to do when in reality that person will not their life will move on without you in it. You have to learn to give them the cold shoulder. The test is being able to do it. I have my moments, but just like me you will make it through.

You finally delete their number, get rid of as much “evidence” that they were in your life. Keep the memories locked because they were good memories for a short time, but you tell yourself that no matter how much you have tried or wanted for things to workout it can never be. Don’t blame yourself because you’ve done what you could to get that person to understand, yet it still was not enough.

The trick is starting over, how do you do that? I am not great with this so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas please let me know because to be honest I’d really love to hear all of them. Maybe, just maybe it will help.

So now it all begins. How do get out there and date? Unfortunately Kansas City isn’t the best place for single people. There really isn’t a lot of places for people who are single. The problem is if you go out, your going out with your friends. Guy’s have a code when they are in groups. There is always one who goes after the “hot one” and another who goes after the other “medium one” but if the group of girls have that one friend who doesn’t really “fit” that one buddy will “take one for the team” that is usually the somewhat good looking guy to talk to the “other one”. Yeah that rule is still out there.

I love how men don’t think we as women do not have a rating scale. Our’s is different, but since I’ve been out of the game for such a long time, I guess I will need to learn the “game” all over again. I hope to get the chance to go out and just hang out, I observe. I am a fan of people watching, my goal is to sit down at a few bars and just watch people. With all of that I hope to see how things really, if anything has changed, but people are a bit smarter about it, or pretend to be smarter about things. Let’s just see how it goes. I will make sure to let everyone know how its going.

I am still on, the funny part is they email me letting me know that this person or that person is interested in me, it is their way of getting you to pay for their membership. I’d hate to do that right now, but maybe one day I will. Do you ever worry that online dating is going to be the only way you meet anyone anymore? God I hope not. I can’t meet a good guy at my Church because they are all married with that perfect looking woman, kids, and more. Nothing against age for any of them, but you hope there is still a good man out there.

Why do men still look for a certain size, hair color, eye color, and more to just because they think they will be happy while the rest of us who are not a size 4 sit out there and deal with the douche bags. Oh well it is part of life I guess. On to the next chapter and phase of life.