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High Maintenance vs. Low Maintenance

Do you consider yourself High or Low Maintenance? Now, these terms can mean so much, in so many different ways by  so many different people. I recently had an in depth conversation with my aunt. She made a comment about how women are either High or Low Maintenance. The problem is as women they don’t really know which one is which. It takes time to really define them to fit who they think they really are.

I can honestly say that I am Low Maintenance with things of this world. Yes, I have an iPhone 7, an Apple Watch, and a Kindle, but I bought all that stuff myself. In my home I keep things simple. I have just internet and no cable (there is no point) I do have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and a ton of books! I truly enjoy the simple things of life. I love jeans, leggings, a comfortable t-shirt, large hoodie, comfortable tennis shoes or my favorite winter boots, my hair pulled up in a ponytail and at times I do enjoy going without makeup. Other than that I know how to dress up when I need to.

I am also High Maintenance, but in one area only. Emotionally. I crave that emotional support, I want it, it makes me feel special. I know I shouldn’t rely on someone to make me happy, and to be honest I really don’t, but when you have it and your heart is so full with the other person, it makes your days apart from each other better. Being emotionally high maintenance can turn guys off. It is because your showing too much emotion for them. It’s too much too fast, when in reality it really isn’t. I love the idea of being wanted, needed, desired by someone. The idea that a man could find me attractive is fantastic! It’s the best feeling in the world because I don’t see it, I see myself as totally plain, with a touch of spice because being Latina, well we have a temper. However, the idea that someone would want me, spend time with me, think of me for any reason at all is the best feeling in the world. No I don’t count that as a level of insecurities, but it has its moments.

Nothing like being a low maintenance chick, with a high maintenance emotional mentality. It’s like a strange form of light and dark. No two things are alike with that meaning. I really am a laid back chick, put me in front of a good game, or even a good conversation and I’m all in, but get me alone with a guy who is into me, man the gloves come off (per se) with the idea that I can be myself with him and that he’s not going to get scared because he wants me just as much as I want him.

I think this is where people mess up when it comes to relationships. When you finally realize that is what you are in with another person, make it fun! Don’t add stress and drama to it, there is no point. Who knows how long the two of you will be together, but until that time have fun, but be honest with them. Communication is key here, if not then you’ll end up looking like an idiot ending something that was good for the both of you. I guess someone has to be the butt-head in every relationship, but honestly there are times when women come off as one as well. Believe me it happens.

Finding that person who wants you for you, is truthful with you about who they are makes things so much easier. Knowing your partner is low maintenance with the relationship, but high maintenance emotionally will better help you how to navigate the relationship with them on a daily basis.

For example, that nasty virus that has been going around finally caught up to me. The past few days I have been battling a sore throat, horrible cough, shortness of breath, body aches, and a fever. I will admit that I turn into the biggest baby ever! I was very spoiled whenever I was sick because I had my grandmother, she was a Saint of a woman. She would hold me, love on me, make me tea, some hot soup, we would watch the morning news together, Price is Right, Young & the Restless, she would watch the news while I took a nap. I know I was a drain on her physically, but to be honest she never complained because with her it was my moment to know true love that was mine. Now as I’ve gotten older I crave that type of care from someone when I’m sick. Do I want it every single day? Oh heck no, but every now and then would be fantastic. Just having someone with me taking care of me, cooking me something that would make me feel better. The fact that they took time out of their day to be with me, to help me get better would make me feel like I won the freaking lottery. People don’t do that for each other. I know I would, I don’t care who you are or what you are about, I would definitely go out of my way to make sure that you had everything you needed to get better. You need your rest, you need to let your body heal I will cook whatever you need, I will clean up and make sure you took your medicine. That is who I am, but when it comes to me I’m fending for myself. It’s moments like this when I wish I had someone who gave two cents about me to just give me a moment of their time to take care of me. See I’m not asking for money, just time. This is where the Emotional High Maintenance issues come in, as a woman it makes total sense, but to a man they don’t want to touch that with a ten foot pole.

Do you ever wonder which one you are? I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a mix of both because your being honest with yourself, but the problem you will face is the fact that the other person will not know how to handle it. Being a strong minded, independent woman, who at times has her crap together, and isn’t afraid to give someone a piece of their mind personally or professionally is great, but the instant that you show any form of emotional attachment the guy runs for the hills. You don’t want to marry them or sucker them into having babies with you, you just want to be with them.

Take a moment to really think who you are, step back from everything around you and everyone to see who you are. The problem is once you figure yourself out, and you don’t like it, you need to then figure out a way to make it right. Do that then life will start to get better.