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Changing Direction 

Do you ever take a moment to reevaluate a few things, breathe, close your eyes and listen to the quiet moments that are around. Take a moment and think of what makes you happy. Here is the moment when you realize that you’ve taken the gloves off, laid them out there and it’s time to walk away.

Men are their own entity, complicated and yet simple all at the same time. Ladies, we are the exact same thing! Complicated and simple. Don’t get me wrong there are some who prefer to be complicated and remain that way. I just laugh because there is so much more to focus on in life. When you remove yourself from things, you take those moments to enjoy what is around you.

For me, what I love the most about my life is that it is finally mine! Understand for a moment that my life, from top to bottom was decided for me. Every single step I took until I was about 25 years old was all decided for me. Was it easy? Nope. Was it complicated? Hell yes! Never a dull moment, but now that I’ve gotten older the way I see things tend to really open your eyes, your mind, and step back, step away from things.

I love the idea of shutting things out, shutting people out every now and then. Do you ever think about doing that? Now, if shutting people out and more is something you do on a daily basis maybe there needs to be a level of insight into who you are. My stepping away from things is shutting off the T.V., picking up a good book, doing the best I can to not look at my cellphone, and to even ignore those pesky emails that come from Yeah, I still get those.

The point is you’ve made your voice known, you’ve expressed what you needed to express and yet there is nothing, white noise, emptiness on the other side. The problem is to not allow loneliness kicking in. We all get there. I mean you look around at your home, all your stuff is there, but when you have no one to share some of that with, what’s it all for? Maybe you have kids, that is great, but someone to just be there at times to make you laugh, to make you forget that your home is quiet what do you do? How do you fill that void?

The problem with relationships no matter what they are, some are good, great, bad, horrible, and just toxic. Every now and then there are some just perfect and full of love. How do you decide what is good for you and what is bad? I know that sounds like the dumbest question someone could ever ask, but think about it. Think of what you hold onto, let go, and pray to workout.

Is like that Rascal Flatts song, “I’m Moving On” my favorite sentence in that song is, “There comes a time in everyone’s life when all you can see are the years passing by.” what have you let pass you by? New adventures, relationships, taking a chance on something or someone. Just figure it out.

The good thing about me, I know I’m crazy, I own it. I joke about it because it’s not a normal crazy, it’s I am having a moment and I need to vent and then I’m done. The good thing is that I mean I really get done with all my venting. The even funnier part about all of it is my heart and head empties out and I feel nothing.

Think of how you change directions in your life. How do you keep a new day different from the last? How do you change your views, wants, and desires with relationships?