In life we have priorities that are either made for us, decided, or we eventually make our own choices and grow from them. Do you ever wonder where you leave them as you get older? I would think it all depends on every single aspect of your life. You place certain things ahead of something because it is important to you, or maybe even people. These things kind of depend on the person, their personality, environment and more. Some people have this ability to just care, love, and accept people for who they are. Unfortunately there are those who just worry about themselves, not giving two craps about someone that is supposed to mean something to them.

I’ve always wondered how and why people are like that. I mean there is a way to make someone feel like they are a priority without losing who you are and who others are in your life. Maybe I’m different, maybe I know how to balance my life out in a way that makes everyone feel like they are important to me, when in reality they are.

People see priorities differently in life.  How do you define yours? How do you make your “list” per se. Is there a list? I know my priorities are pretty basic: God, Family, Friends, Work, and everything else that is added. Now, if I find the right guy and he wants to be apart of this list, I’d like to be a thought in his mind as well. Doesn’t matter what it is, but just a, “Hey how’s it going?” text. Stopping by my apartment to just spend a little time together. Calling me and saying, “Hey let’s get some ice cream.” I know that sounds stupid, but in reality when you are trying to form a relationship of some kind with the opposite sex start thinking that the little things with that person maybe the greatest of things you could ever do.

The two of you need to define what your relationship is. Are you friends? Are you friends with benefits? or Nothing at all. I think by doing that you can definitely base the other person as a certain level of priority. I don’t know about you, but when your with someone you want to be appreciated, valued, cared for and more. I hate how at times, some relationships are really one sided. Why do we do that to ourselves? Knowing the other person really doesn’t give two craps about you, just looks at you like an annoying piece of something they once found attractive, but now regret it. Yes, my mind totally went there, can’t help it.

Allow me to explain how to handle disappointment, it’s a natural thing I am used to when it comes to my life. It comes from so many different sides of my life and has been a never ending cycle. You just accept it, it is inevitable that you will find some form of disappointment from yourself, others, being left out of things, and realizing that there really isn’t much you can do. I mean yes, you come off as super happy about your life, and love parts of it, but in reality your just tired of all the games and lies this life has to offer.

The problem is when the other person you are with or not with makes you feel like a burden rather than something special what do you do? Is it even worth your time at that point to remind that person that you should be a priority in their life, or just really truly let it go? I’ve gotten to the point of I’m tired of being alone, no I don’t want someone living with me, but I’d like to be one of those couples I see out enjoying a beautiful day looking at things, enjoying what Kansas City has to offer, maybe inviting me to something, or planning a little impromptu party and calling everyone we know to come out and enjoy with us. Why is that so hard for some people?

Who decided to make relationships so complicate? Can’t they be simple, easy, relaxed with zero expectations besides spending time together?

Tell me how you prioritize your life? Who goes where and when. How do you make someone feel like they are important or do you make them feel like a burden, pest or someone you used to screw with and have tossed aside completely. I’d really love to know how people do that.