Funny thoughts

Moving Forward

When do you decide to move forward from whatever your situation is? Do you decide to cut the person off completely or do you just casually let them go. 

I’m the worst person to ask about relationship advice, because all I know is total failure. The problem is when you want someone for just who they are nothing more, how do you say “Goodbye”?

The problem with trying to figure someone out who refuses to even try makes you second guess everything you try to do or even be with them. Do you ever feel like that at times? 

When is there a moment, you need to remove the cord that connects the two of you and fully walk away? Your done picking up their “breadcrumbs” because you have explained to them that you really don’t have any expectations, but just want them. I mean there has to be a certain point where both understand that things can’t be as they were. 

I think of this as a moment where it breaks your heart, you think about it a lot and eventually move on. The problem is how? 

Do men see women differently when they state what they want from a relationship? Why is it certain types of women get lucky finding someone new who just fits their life and totally understand them when the rest of us are just trying to keep up. I wish I was that lucky, but I’m not. 

I don’t see myself as someone who’s drop dead gorgeous, but I do consider myself somewhat attractive and funny, up for a good time with no major expectations of whatever “it” could be. 

How hard is it for a man to see that a woman who just wants them for who they are? When do you get to that point where you just end up letting it all go and realizing that your meant to be alone? God I hate to think like that, but there are times when we do and just give up. 

Men have zero problem starting over with someone new. To them it’s a new challenge knowing they have someone else who has just accepted everything they are, but are willing to leave it all behind. Why do men do that? 

When your looking at whatever you and a guy are from the outside when is your breaking point? When do you say, “I’m done. Thanks for the memories, but I gotta look out for me now.” Does that make us the bad person? 

Just wondering what everyone thinks? How do you move forward from something that was great?