Sexy Time: fun, dirty or work?

I laugh as I write this because most couples don’t really think about their “sexy time” and how important is really is. Depending how your relationship started with your significant other depends on how you define it. Can I just say that it really is important to remember your partner. The two of you are it for a while. I say it that way because the two of you know the type of relationship you have.

Coming from a woman who is pretty comfortable with sex and all that comes with it in every sense, to me sex is so important to the relationship. It keeps things alive, dirty, fun, exciting, adventurous, and more. You have to be willing to put yourself out there at times. Now let’s put this into perspectives okay.

If you are in a new relationship, please give it time in the sex department. At one time I was really good with that, especially when I first started dating (serious relationship) he waited until we were engaged before that part ever came into play. It really depends on you (ladies) on how far you really want to go. Now as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that hey sex is bound to happen depending on the level of connection you have with that person, let alone level of attraction (very key) just go for it. Hate for you to miss out on great sex.

Do me a favor guys, well really yourself a favor, take time to read a few of those Erotic Romance novels that you see in your woman’s collection. You may find some great ideas, but talk to her about it. If she brings up the topic of, “Hey honey, let’s try this….” please don’t look at her like she’s crazy, you should totally be ready to go and proud that she is willing to kick your sexual relationship up a few notches. The worst thing you could ever do is make her feel like a freak.

Ladies, don’t ever be afraid to tell your man what you want in the bedroom. I mean we demand so much when we are defining the relationship why on earth can we not expect the same thing in the bedroom? We all read Cosmopolitan Magazine, and more than that talk about sex. For me it’s Cosmo, Latina Magazine, and occasionally Women’s Health Magazine. They have those catchy topics that get you to stop and read. Those tend to be the best. Now if you are on Facebook (everyone is) look at a few sites, my favorite one is Your Tango, that site has some really great ideas about relationships, love, sex, and more.

The key thing is to make sure the two of you make time for sex. It’s one of the reasons you are together. Plus if there is ever a fight, man think of the angry sex, make up sex, or whatever you want to call it. I occasionally find that one a little fun, depending on your partner and the type of “Alpha Male” he is, he can make you feel pretty sorry for challenging him somewhat. He finds it funny while it’s going on and letting you think you have the upper hand when in reality he’s the one controlling everything. Just let it go and have fun!

Spice it up a little though, you want to feel as sexy as your man makes you. Find a beautiful piece of lingerie to make it interesting. If not don’t worry it doesn’t take much. Have him pick out his favorite button down shirt (makes it fun to leave them open). Make sure to sex up your look a little and put that bad boy on (stockings are not required). Believe me he will never look at that shirt the same. It’s kind of funny to know that you personally have ruined that shirt for him, I know I laugh internally, but it was fun (memory flashing in my mind…evil laugh) so good. Anyway, moving on. Please don’t think by dressing up it is something demeaning in anyway, it doesn’t make you less of a person to your man, in reality it gives you a sense of power. Own it! Own your body, own your sexuality, own it all!

Men, do me a favor if you see that your woman is trying to sex up your love life please encourage it, don’t ever make her feel like she’s crazy, nuts, or a hot mess. Make her feel pride, special, and tell her that you are thankful for her. I mean with that level of consideration think of what she could do to you. I mean some men have that idea that their woman would give them a hand job under the table while they are having dinner with friends (don’t make it obvious though) or even maybe while you are drinking a beer or trying to watch T.V. she decides to make your day better by giving you a blowjob while your sitting on the couch and the blinds are open knowing people can totally see inside your place. Just roll that head back and enjoy it, be thankful that she thought of you. Also, please don’t think that she’s using sex as some strange ulterior motive. Most women don’t work like that, some do and they know it, but hey more power to them.

How do you and your significant other make sex a priority in your relationship? Do you make it fun, interesting, or like another job? Think about it.