Funny thoughts

New Paths

Do you look for new adventures everywhere? Do you see possibilities in every new step? How many goals do you have for yourself? 

I like to set realistic goals. New job, better money management, new apartment with a washer & dryer hookup. Making sure my car keeps working. Get better with every single thing I try to do. Those are a mix of personal and professional goals. I am starting a new career in an area I never saw myself in before. I’m excited and totally nervous about this, yet at the same time I’m looking forward to challenging myself. I want to make my life better than it has been. 

Yes, I am blessed in so many ways, but when one has to worry about gas for their car, seeing the positivity in the days before payday comes tend to be stressful and complicated. 

What kind of goals do you have? They could be personal or professional? We all have them. Everyone is going to be different, and with different meaning. 

Do you separate personal goals? Example: my personal life goal is being out of debt, and buying a house. Maybe one day adopting some kids. Now, your goals maybe meeting a great guy or woman, getting married and having lots of babies. There is nothing wrong with those goals. If you read mine again you will see what I left out, a man in my life. When my personal life sucks so does my professional life (at times), but then my relationship life, personal life and professional life are flying high and everything is working out so great I think back as say, “Oh God I feel so lucky that for once everything is finally working together.” Then the inevitable happens, something somewhere falls apart. 

My goals in my life may seem simple to others, and to be honest I am okay with that. You need to be okay with the idea that your goals are going to seem like a foreign investment to others. How I would love to see my life is this, working is progressing and I am finally finding my footing with all of this. Money is in my bank account (checking and both savings accounts), bills are paid, Oscar’s got a clean bill of health, my someone is happy with me, no drama, no heavy expectations, just the two of us being us and having fun with it all. Is any of that too much to ask for? 

Think about your goals, are you there with any of it? What do you think you can do to make it better? What steps can you do to reach your goals?