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Sensitivity: Men vs. Women

Do you ever wonder who is worse when it comes to sensitivity men or women? I can say that there probably a large mix of both when it comes to people I know. I have noticed that some men are far more sensitive than they claim to be. Honestly there is nothing wrong with it, just wish more men would own it so all the lies can end up becoming truths.

I say this because I was lucky to have a strong woman raising me, being sensitive was not my mother’s strong suit, it was always, “Suck it up, and keep going.” My ex-step mom was, really still is the sweet, kind loving person that was the emotional side a girl needs when she is growing up. I also had a male perspective when it came to understanding the male psyche. It still surprises me about them, but alas there it is.

I’ve realized that men are seen as “strong” when they are young, taught to be boys and don’t pick on girls. If they cry, then they are seen as sissy’s. In today’s society that is not the issue. Anyway, as boys grow up and become men they find themselves being attracted to a variety of women. Some are sweet, kind, and other’s are total psycho women who slash their tires, and break their windows, the only excuse for all of that men give is, “The best sex I’ve ever had.” all I can say is good job guys, bravo for that one.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that men today no matter how old they are, are SUPER sensitive! Oh my gosh, never in my mind would I have ever seen that. I am sensitive when I have to. I will listen to my partner when he needs my full attention, but I will also make sure that whatever stress is going on in his mind at that moment I will do the best I can to give him a moment a peace, be it listening or us being together for the entire night. I don’t push my sensitivity on anyone, I still have that hard shell of my mother’s views instilled in me, “Suck it up buttercup and keep moving.” the funny thing is when men get butt-hurt (aka feelings hurt) about something they get silent, they don’t talk to you, they ignore you, they pout internally and try to play it off in some way making you feel like you have entered into the Twilight Zone when in reality he’s just been dealing with his own brand of PMS.

I love to joke, especially when I know the person and how they are. I do this all the time with my friends. My father told me to never take what any man says seriously, there is always an ulterior motive behind it all. I was too young to understand, but as he explained things to me over time I finally understood. No man who just wants a woman for sex will really give time to invest in her, some do not all, they test their limits with her, but in the end they just want sex and for her to be gone as soon as possible. There are those who really do take the time to get to know a woman, take plenty of time to understand her, yet still want sex and for her to just leave as soon as possible. My dad’s point was men have sex on the brain constantly, it doesn’t go away. The funny part about all of this is my dad did make a point that when a woman flips the tables on a man if effects him mentally to the point of hurting his pride. That right there is the bulls eye of his “sensitivity” mark.

Think about it friends, when women start to get emotional, or attached, even giving that feeling that the two could be more than just what they are, (example:) “a booty call” type relationship the man starts to freak out and shuts down! You have hit their sensitivity button and then they start to tell their friends that we (ladies) have gone all crazy, that we are nuts, and that we want more than they are willing to give, when in reality no lines of communications were ever opened.

This is why so many women read certain types of books, “Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus.” another fan favorite, “He’s Just Not that Into You.” that one became a movie. It really showed men and women in a different light. It really was interesting because it showed how the lack of communication and understanding can really mix up both sides, not to mention open the doors to any possible cheating. Keep in mind reading relationship books are great! They are super helpful because in reality they do help you figure yourself out and also really TRY to understand men and their points of view.

The problem is when a man will never truly express how he feels, or what he says because in reality he’s scared. He’s not exactly sure how to even word things nine times out of ten when all women want is honesty no matter how much it may hurt. The good thing is it will hurt and we can move on or work together to make corrections, especially if you two have that kind of relationship. I personally would add in some dirty make up sex to top it all off, but that’s just me.

Men there is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing to women how you feel, some seem to say what they want in the bedroom, why does being outside of the bedroom come off as different. Allow me to use an analogy that I love to use and have used in the past. You want a blow job? Well I want ten minutes of your time telling me what you want. Now, if you are feeling a little shy about saying something, then please let me make you comfortable and we can talk. Ladies, men’s sensitivity and their ego tend to go hand in hand, you gotta stroke it a little to make them happy, deep breathing and nodding your head in agreement helps. Be gentle with it because the instant you hurt any of their “feelings” you are some crazy psycho who is not worth their time.

When your like me, a woman who can speak female & male the brain tends to lean more male. I try not to focus on a lot of things, my brain is absentminded about some things, and honestly when I speak whatever pops into my head is pretty much what comes out. I don’t second guess myself often, I’m blunt and to the point. I don’t play around with someone’s mind or emotions. The problem is some men don’t exactly know how to handle that. Especially men today, I worry that they are far more sensitive than I am.

Is your partner like that? Do you have to “stroke his ego” a little to get him to talk to you? When will men actually own up to their side of the issues. Oh I know, that would be never and a cold day!