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Signs: Yes or No

Do you believe in signs? The gentle way the Universe (who is GOD) telling that someone is the right person for you? Do you pick up on those little hints that are being passed around or even placed in front of you? or are you the kind of person who doesn’t believe them or even notice them.

I like to think that God puts out signs to remind you that not only is he listening to what you are praying about, but also give you little reminders that this is the correct path for you life that he see’s for you, and when it comes to relationships, maybe all these little things that you see when you are driving, words people say or do, just reminders that this person or that person is supposed to be in your life.

When you look at all the signs that are being presented in front of you do you stop, look at them and the person who most represents that is who you should be thinking about? Does that make you miss them more? How do you look at them and how do you understand what is being said. Now I think it takes someone who is totally open minded in a way to see how God really works. It is a form of communication with him and with his message. People think that it’s Mother Earth, or some of form of “life” I see it as God’s Universe and his way of telling me to look at things differently just as his son does. Pay attention to the messages that he is sending to me.

I know during a short time I was getting messages left and right about things. I would take that moment to sit down and think about them. I hated seeing them because I knew it would totally break my heart, but now I’ve gotten to the point where if I see a sign I tuck it away knowing that God put that in my path for a reason, I don’t know what it is exactly, but it’s there. I can ignore it or meditate/pray about it and see where it takes me.

Do you ever go on walks? Take in nature casually? You aren’t in any major rush, don’t have any appointments for the day, nothing really to worry about, but take in all God created, the sun, sky, grass, flowers and more. What I love to do when I need to do that is walk behind my apartment, there is this walking path that has this fantastic creek behind it, and sometimes when I’m there I find myself just staring at what’s all around. I’ll sit down on the edge of something, listening to the water pass through and take in the quietness of my surroundings. That is when I know I am praying with all my heart because I am in nature, I am one with being away from the world. Sounds crazy, but try it sometime. When you get a bunch of “signs” that make you remember someone or something, maybe even a feeling when you were happiest or when you were sad. Think, take in those signs and focus on what each thing means.

I sometimes have to tell myself to stop because signs will hit you when you are not looking. I tell myself that over and over again. I don’t need to look for them. The problem I have is how often the signs come at me. This why I love when they happen, but at the same time I totally hate it because I don’t need to be reminded of something that has past, it really needs to be signs of the future and moving forward or moving on with my life.

I wonder if men ever see them? Do they even acknowledge them. I guess I think they miss them because honestly if it isn’t three feet in front of them they will never know what is going on with them or even life. I often say that we as women are so easy, not complicated at all, now that does not go for every single woman that is out there because honestly there are some who are seriously complex characters. Men on the other hand are beyond complex, beyond over dramatic, and because they have “two brains” they can’t figure out which one is actually thinking to allow them to see when there are signs being presented to them. Like most things they tend to miss them. I am not sure about you, but men do not really pay attention unless something is pointed out to them.

I can recommend that you sit down, take in nature for a little bit, no music, no T.V. absolutely nothing! Even leave your cellphone in a different room while you do this, but you are out for a walk keep it with you and just turn it on silent. Listen to what the Universe (aka God) is trying to tell you. I’d hate for you to miss anything because you’re too busy with life. We all need to decompress every now and then from things.