Funny thoughts

Men’s Attention Span

Ever wonder how short or how long a mans attention span is? I can say it’s super short. I mean it’s there and then it’s like “squirrel!” Then it’s all gone. There is a way to keep them focused on you, but you have to make it interesting. 

With men you can be a friend, girlfriend, or wife. Men who are totally attracted to their woman will keep their eyes on them at all times, but when we speak depending on the type of conversation it’s like we are the teacher in the “Charlie Brown” cartoons, all they hear is, “Wha wha wha wha….” and so on. I’ve noticed that men tend to focus on certain things that they find attractive on a woman. I know when men are staring at my chest. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve just accepted it and ignored it. They have been there since I was 10 or 11 years old trust me they are not going anywhere. 

I’ve learned through the years that when you want a man’s attention allow them to focus on what you want them to because honestly when they do that little “squirrel” will not go by. As a man gets to know a woman he will start to focus on other parts of her. He will realize that she’s more than what meets the eye. 

Now ladies to keep your man going you need to think of new ways to have fun with him. Every now and then allow him to think your just wanting him for sex when in reality you just want him for who he is. That’s the funny part men don’t get, every now and then you will meet someone who doesn’t care about all that extra stuff, but just wants you! Funny how that works out. 

I like to think I am an adventurous woman. Always keeping my mind open to trying new things, you have to in order to keep yourself satisfied and your partner. Now I’ve become a fan of a site called there they have a variety of sexy bras, panties & more…so much more! I can’t wait to see how one of the things I purchased a couple months back look when it’s all complete. 

There will be rules and guidelines that will need to be followed if a man ever wants to see me in what I purchased, because it’s not only for him, but for me. I want to feel just as sexy as he makes me feel. Ladies there is NOTHING, and I do mean Nothing wrong with reminding yourself that you are a beautiful, sexy lady that God made. 

I really am looking forward to showing this side of myself to a man. I just hope I don’t freak him out, some men have a tendency to be afraid or shy when a woman expresses herself sexually. Don’t worry when he grows up and realizes that he has it really good with you then he will keep coming back for more. 

How to do this and pull it off successfully that right there creates a serious of questions. I try to play in my mind how I want to say something to someone, but it never works out when you are face to face because all that person has to do it touch me or look at me and I’m going blank. Hate to say it, but it happens. I want to go back and try but on my own terms, my own way yet still make it interesting where he can’t stop looking and pays actual attention to the new rules. Oh what fun it will be. 

So lesson for today, keep your life fun, have adventures in it, but be true to who you are. Make sure your partner knows you care, and are actually attracted to them. When they do a good job reward them. Men are simple creatures, but have the ability to mess stuff up more than a woman does. The funny part is they think we are complicated. Not hard to keep things simple  folks. 

Trust me when I say this, the day will come and he will not know what is coming his way. (Evil grin & laugh).