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Creativity: Good, Bad or Ugly

I’ve always been told I have such an active imagination. I guess it came from all the books I read from as far back as I can remember. I used to look at maps of the country, and then the world and try to find a book that would best describe what I was reading. I always wanted to picture myself in some strange land fighting to be the hero, or fall in love with the most handsome guy in the county. Understanding that, more like realizing it as I’ve gotten older it has helped me see the world with a bigger lens.

The good side of having a creative mind is that is it always going, always thinking and tries to find the humor in things. It loves the idea of romance, enjoys the simple things in life and takes nothing for granted. Loves being around people, talking to people and also enjoys hugs. The ideas that come from a creative mind is also a sense of great adventure. Be it in life or in the bedroom, yeah some of us tend to have dirty minds (if you have not figured it out). We love the idea that someone would want us, love us, care for us and be willing to be our creative muse. We find kindness, sweetness, and life in almost everything. We do the best we can to laugh daily. Find something funny, and our ways of flirting with the opposite sex is funny and naughty as well.

Unfortunately there is a bad side to being creative. People never know why we do what we do. It confuses them, we aren’t trying to be understood, just accepted and loved. They always think our heads are high up in the clouds, in some far off dream world that they can’t see or be a part of. To be honest if you wanted to be in that world with us, you couldn’t handle it. It takes over, it controls us at times, and has the tendency to make decisions without any sense of clear direction or thought because in the end we still want that great romance story in our lives.

I am still trying to figure out if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I am creative. I know I use a lot of my own life and the world around to put things into some perspective, but when I use it in romance it is a total crash and burn kind of situation. I can never make heads or tails of that area. I’m looking for a “Mr. Darcy” when all I am getting are “Wickham’s” it’s really sad. Now not all are like that, but eventually a man’s true nature will show. At least that’s been my experience.

I think that is why I love the idea of love, relationships, and just that sincere bond two people can make. Little smiles, little looks, kisses, holding hands, and secrets that are just between them. The problem is when someone who is of a romantic mind set can’t wait to tell their friends. It’s just nature, because we are so happy and that someone is willing to give us that smile, we want to share it with the world. It’s like a bright flash of light coming from us and falling onto other’s when we have that moment of pure happiness. Now some are seriously lucky when they actually find the right one and get to keep them. I’m so ready for that.

It can be a sad thing too. So many of our mistakes, faults, issues can reflect who we are or even how we interact with people. We don’t want someone know our weakness’, yet we tell our best friends because they know us so well and will not tell another person. When heartache does come, it always does, it never is easy. Now heartache comes in different forms: loss of a family member, friend, relationship, job, pet, really take your pick. Someone pointed out to me that heartache for me could be because I don’t have any children. I tell them, “No that is not it.” that is when my mind goes back to the day I found out that I was pregnant (totally by accident). I hadn’t told my parents, but I did go to the doctor and she told me. I was in my first trimester when I started having complications. By my second trimester I had lost the baby. I never knew if it was a little boy or a little girl. I just remember thinking nothing else could be harder than this. My own body rejecting something I wasn’t even sure I wanted, but I knew I would have dealt with it even though I was still figuring myself out in college at 24 years old. When someone says something about having a baby my mind goes back to those moments of my body letting it all go. This is when the creative side of my mind comes into play. I start to think of all the things I’ve done and accomplished since and the pain isn’t so bad. I move on. Picking up another book, or fixing another chapter of my novel (currently on my 2nd edit) but even for someone who is creative, the idea that we don’t feel anything, or always dreaming of something, maybe have some idealistic life is strange to me.

For me the good side of being creative is that I’m experiencing new things, meeting new people, and trying to live a better life than before. I pray for love, I pray for happiness, but I pray for the right man to come along. I focus on personality, if he’s funny, understands sarcasm, can take a joke, appreciates the small and simple things in life then we are good. I’m far from materialistic, but a guy who goes out of his way to make something for me it’s like Christmas and Birthday wrapped in one. It’s the best gift that never ends and comes back for more. Each element of that level of thought and kindness is romantic, and in a creative mindset can be called perfect. The simplest of flowers from being picked outside is the most romantic thing someone could ever do. I’m not sure why people expect great things, or grand things when it comes to life. I mean its complicated enough, why not go with simple? Keep that in mind, start looking at your world, your little life and wonder, do I have a creative mind? Do I see beauty and kindness when other’s see ugliness and hate? Can I be that considerate person who takes the opportunity to get to know someone and see if maybe, just maybe they could be my equal in some strange way.

It’s fun being creative. Life is seen so differently, things can be so romantic even when there is so much ugliness out there. Always remember that the little things in life matter most. Grand gestures are just that, no real value behind them unless it has meaning and heart. Even then, those are just temporary moments.