Funny thoughts

Fantasies vs. Reality

Do you ever wonder what would happen if your deepest darkest, or even sexiest fantasies every came to reality. Would it freak you out that you could totally come up with something so crazy, or would it give you a sense of excitement. As someone who has been creative of the mind for a very long time, I like that my ideal fantasies get put down in writing. Some would love it, some would be surprised of what comes out of my brain. Considering what I write about I think some would actually faint.

The idea that any one of my fantasies could ever become an actual reality is a pipe dream, that is why I’ve always wondered what someone would do if they ever really came true. Mine are simple fantasies, just wishing that someone would stop thinking of what is going on with the world, get his car keys, drive to my home and knock on my door. Yes, my brain instantly starts to think of a variety of things that I know would make a few of you blush, but it’s so worth it all. Carefully taking the pins out of my hair, gently pulling the rubber band out, running his fingers through my hair, feeling it, touching it, as he does that I imagine feeling his lips move up and down the side of my neck just holding himself right there, no kisses, just feeling everything. Am I making your heart race? Great imagination right?

The funny thing is when you start to see your life as possible fantasies you lose touch with reality. The idea that someone would want another person that much to just throw caution to the wind, knowing that the two of you have been missing each other more than you cared to admit to even yourself is one of those things that only happen in movies or those fantastic erotic romance novels that I truly love so much. People don’t think like that. Men don’t think like that. If women really sat down and wanted to plan out or totally act impulsive on their wildest fantasies men would freak out so much and run for the hills. The sad part about all of it, is both sides will be totally missing out on so much.

Think about it, even if you are married what is wrong with being just a little wild with your husband or wife to keep things alive. You have to, just as any other relationship. What is wrong with being each other’s fantasies. We allow reality to seep into so much of our lives that we tend to lose focus. There is so much out there to truly distract us from everything, but when we close out the noise of the world and just listen to the trees move among the wind, see the sun shining as it starts to set for the night, it’s one of those things that pull us back into the ideas of our minds.

It all tangles together. Observing a sun rise or sun set while thinking of ways to make love to your significant other. You see more of this world’s colors just as you observe the way she changed her hair style, or noticed that when she is trying to cuddle with you, she lets out a deep sigh while she is reading something or just enjoying the smallest moment of silence.

Reality is things we face on a daily basis. It is so dark and not trustworthy. We live in it and see it for what it is. The fact that you come home to an empty place, alone. No one to ask you how your day was, or bring you a pizza, or your favorite Chinese food all because they thought about you. The idea that someone would want to make your day happy and peaceful for just a moment can mean more than one could ever truly imagine.

What I love most about my writing is that it can be creative, that it can be adventurous, that it’s something in my mind that I may never get the chance to do in my own life, but the idea of it being out there with the concept that I’ve thought of this person and they inspired so much out of me is amazing. It is so creative, and honest. No hint of guile or mistrust. The fact that at times that I have to create it to keep my readers interested is fascinating. Hint some of the sexual fantasies that flow through my creative mind. Never would I have ever thought that my brain could come up with some of what I haven’t really experienced or dreamed of trying is funny. The fact that I know if I ever met the right guy, and he wanted to experience this life with me, I can honestly say that it would be an adventure.

I have my moments of creativity, but I have to be inspired, and unfortunately I’ve not been inspired for a long time. I use a lot of my life in my writing, but since I’ve not had anything to write about I’ve had to focus on other things. I still have dreams about stuff, those are what I use to inspire my writing, but it takes time. Heartache gives one too much time and too much space to overthink and over analyse, and gives one way too much hope for things to workout.

With my ability to write things it helps me let go of my fantasies and give my characters the life I wish I had in a way. When you find what you are looking for in your mind, when it comes true in reality is really is fantastic.

I’ve always wondered how often do you get out of your mind, step away from reality? Is it just when you are sleeping, playing a sport, or reading. What is the best way to do that. I mean we all need to escape reality every now and then. I’d really love to know.