I’ve always wondered why this word insights so much fear in the hearts and minds of people. When I mean people I mainly mean MEN. Is it in their DNA to never open up to someone? Do they think that it will make them look weak? Obviously I see this as an issue because as a woman I can communicate with anyone about anything. If I don’t understand something I will ask about it. If I have experienced it I will offer my semi words of “wisdom” to help that individual along.

Now that I have gotten a little older I see communication as an entirely different thing. I do my first form of communication with God. I open my eyes and thank him for allowing me to do so, I thank him for my day (good or bad), any lessons I may learn, and any positive experiences as well. As I continue with my morning I actually have a conversation with him. I pray about the people I keep in my heart, pray that they are kept safe, put positive good things in their path, and keep pushing through the thickness around their hearts so they can be open to listening to when God is speaking to them. If you can’t tell I pray DAILY!

To me that is good communication with my father. I know men do that and it isn’t seen as a sign of weakness. I wonder why in their mindset communicating to their significant other’s are just painful, think of it as pulling teeth with no anesthesia, just ripping it out and leaving you to bleed, when in reality it’s just as simple as praying. The difference is you are not on your knees confessing every single sin (we do not have THAT much time for that hot mess) that you did that day, but a simple, “Hey can we talk? I’ve got somethings weighing so heavy on my heart that I just need help.” doesn’t that also sound like a prayer? Guess God knew what he was doing with that one and why the Bible says, “God is first, everything is second.” (paraphrasing) but still it means all the same thing. Talking to God should be like talking to your significant other, you will tell them that you are struggling with because in the end maybe, just maybe they can pray with you and also for you. That is called leaning on someone.

The other thing is in life we go after what we want for many different reasons. Never knowing if it will be good for us or bad for us, but we do it anyway. The day we find something good we tend to ruin it. We are human, we constantly fail and fall short, but when we know we have failed and ruined something good why do we keep doing it? Is there ever a point in your life when you look in the mirror and ask God, “Why do I do this to myself? You gifted me with this amazing (insert here) in my life and I have ruined it. Help me Lord, please.” I know I do it often, I emotionally beat myself up, no one needs to help me, yet in the end I know when I confess and acknowledge my sins, basically agreeing with God, “Yes, Lord I agree with you, I failed you yet again on….(again insert here)….please Jesus forgive me and just love me.” It really isn’t that hard, but you have to want Jesus in your heart.

That is one of the many lessons I have learned about Communication. For me it is something that it totally natural because I do not know what its like to NOT speak to someone, either praying, over the phone, face to face, and now texting or Snap-Chatting. It doesn’t matter, but it is a form of communication. I know I can also communicate to my Pastor, he is amazing with helping me understand what God is trying to tell me. The thing I want you all to take away is there is absolutely nothing wrong with Communication. We all do it, just own it and say what you need to say. Life comes with good moments and bad moments, take it all in as lessons, because in the end none of will ever matter, it will NOT MATTER trust me.

I know this discussion is a little off from what I’ve normally put out there, but when you sit back and think it really does flow with life. God and Communication is key! They are life. To me you can’t have one without the other, its a sense of balance. Try to live your life without it and see where it gets you. I know I’ve not survived, but God knew I could. Trust me when I say this, COMMUNICATION is key to a healthy life. Nothing wrong with saying what you want and going after it. Ladies I know a lot of you would want a man to truly say what he wants from you, especially if he’s attracted to you! The BS side of all of this is a total double standard. We as women should Never say what we want, it makes us look like we are Selfish, self-centered, or just arrogant when in reality we are no such thing, but confident in our own skin. It is so looked down upon that we do not say anything at first until it comes to a point when we just come off sounding like some crazy person who needs to be on some medication. The thing I love to do is make them laugh, always make them laugh because then you come off as confident, knowledgeable in who you are, but know that you can still make whatever the situation or topic is, make it funny, but leave them thinking in the end.

When you take that step to better communicate your hopes, dreams, wants, needs and more you will see a total change in your life.