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Once Upon A Time

I have to be honest my favorite T.V. show is “Once Upon a Time” I watch that show every Sunday, (and on Netflix) during the season. No one is allowed to bother me while I am watching it, except my cousin. It is an agreement between the two of us. The show always makes me think that it’s totally possible to find true love, and possible to live “happily ever after”?

At 36 years old, single with a cat you are looked at ever so comically as, “The Cat Lady” you do the best you can to not take it personally. You start to show that you are more than what people think you are not to mention show them that you have a life away from your fluffy animal. The problem is no one wants to acknowledge it. Then again you really don’t need their approval, just wish they would stop posting pictures of a ton of cats, or single lady cat pictures all over your Facebook. It really doesn’t help the depression side of being single people. Think about it for a moment please.

When a show comes a long and gives you that feeling of thinking that one day you could be happy like again it gives you this sense that, it’s totally possible to believe in love. Your heart beats a little bit faster, your stomach does a few extra flips, and you tend to smile a little bit more. Now you have tried all kinds of ways of putting yourself out there for love: dating sites, friends, family, suggestions from married people (those are always the best – they seem to know better. I am totally rolling my eyes right now) but the fun conversations that you have tend to be with other single people. There is this strange level of optimism that is out there and you want to hold onto it so much that it is contagious, hint the T.V. show and the idea of “Hope” but when you are living a reality of where “Hope” tends to be a far reachable thing where do you turn to? Depending on the type of person you are, you can turn to friends, family, or the internet. I know I turn to as much as I possibly can, but first I turn to God. Roll your eyes at me, but I am a woman of serious faith and know that my past sins are washed away.  If you don’t know Jesus, please find a great Bible based Church to help you out with that, you will not be disappointed.

Now where I am going with all of this is, you can talk to your friends, family, and the internet about how crappy it is to be single, and seriously it is, but at the same time you can just enjoy life. The worst part is waiting, my Pastor told me that I am “Impatiently waiting on a patient God.” to answer my prayers. I started laughing when he said that because it is true, totally 100% true! I pray for people I love, people I know, my family, my friends, and I pray for just a smooth day or a day full of lessons. Who knows, but I pray no matter what. It is my way of knowing that I am doing the best I can to be more faithful to God, leaving my problems at his feet and lifting those up in prayer that I pray about daily. I actually started thinking about “Happily Ever After” and if it is totally possible to truly love someone and what it takes, when I started going over the Bible and the lessons I’ve learned from it.

Love here on Earth is one thing, but love according to the Bible, that is something different, that is called Agape. It’s that never ending kind of love, so pure, so real, and honest. Could you imagine Agape love with someone here on Earth? I would like to, but I know it isn’t possible, you know why? We are human, we fail daily. Not bashing anyone about it, but seriously I’m not perfect and neither are you, only one is – God. Now if I turn you totally off from reading my blog ever again because of my Faith, then I’m sorry it is apart of who I am, but trust me there will be many more blogs with different topics of discussion.

Is it totally possible to love someone purely without guile and trust them with everything you are? You know in fairy tales the love automatically, it’s that special zing that happens between them when they look into each other’s eyes they just know it, they feel it, but is it real? Can you truly love someone freely like God loves us? That is my hope, that is my daily prayer. That God would bring me an amazing man who worships God first, because he is above all things. He is the Almighty One. Love me just as much but second in his life. Naturally love for family is in there, but I should play second fiddle to God and should not question it. The only time I would question it is if I am last on his list of people to love. There better be a discussion and a level of understanding going on there, second thought — Nope I better come second to God, no and’s if’s or but’s about it.

My rules for a solid relationship is easy:  1) God, 2) Me, 3) Communication & 4) Everything else that goes along with us.  I wish I was joking about my list, but it is very real. I am not asking for something I do not expect in return. Any man who gets with me better be ready to play second fiddle to God so we can truly have that “Happily Ever After” life. I want to be able to tell someone who is struggling with wanting to find love by telling them, “It is totally possible, just seek God first, and he will deliver a true love that he made for you. Then you will have what your heart has been seeking.” I look forward to that day when God answers my prayers. My problem is that I am “Impatiently waiting on a patient God.” to get me there. If you haven’t noticed I am terribly impatient about certain things in my life, but then again I am human so I know I fail constantly. The good thing is I totally own all of my mistakes, my shortcomings, issues, faults and more. I would be a total liar if I didn’t. I am not ashamed of my life, yes something I wish I could totally do over, but oh well you can’t go back move forward and move on.

How do you look at love? What is your “Happily Ever After”? Do you believe in love at all?