Funny thoughts

Friday’s are for Rest & Relaxation

When you are young in your early twenties all you wanted to do is go out dancing, do some drinking with your girls, unfortunately as you get a little older, and maybe just a little bit wiser it all starts to slow down. Funny how that happens.

As you get older all of that fades away and you start to look for something more, something real. Going out in your mid to late 30’s requires a lot more work, more time getting ready, and honestly a midday nap. Now, for some of my friends it also requires that their significant other stays home with the kids. Yeah staying up past 10 p.m. was a great thing in your twenties, but when you are in your thirties, not so much you will be happy to Not yawn when 9:00 p.m. rolls around. This is something one learns as you get older and wiser.

That is why I love living in Kansas City. My little world that has that small town feel, but now has a lot more popularity and recognition because of sports. It is something we pride ourselves on, but when I say, “I’m from from Kansas City, I have to make sure to tell people that I am from the Kansas side” they give me strange looks, honestly look at the map, heck Google it! It will explain everything. Don’t worry if you get confused everybody does it just goes with the territory out here, but what makes this place so unique is the way we live, allow me to explain. People tend to smile at each other, say “Hello” or “Good Morning” Farmer’s Markets are the best places to see old friends and make new friends. Maybe just get some fresh air. We love our big stores, but also our mom and pop stores. We think a great day is getting up early, going to the gym, making breakfast, then hitting the store with your friends and just making a full day of it. It is different when you are married with kids, then it’s all about them. Life is easy in the Midwest when your married with kids. When you are single it totally sucks. The problem here is if you don’t meet your significant other in high school or college then you are SOL (shit out of luck) now with modern technology you can meet someone new online, or on a dating app. Those are okay, but in the end you get totally disappointed, please Trust me I’ve been on plenty of them and no luck.

When your single in a City like mine you hope to find a good man, but they are all already taken (married, relationship or gay) just like every other major City I think I have listed the full problem there, (laugh, please I am)other than that you learn quickly to stay away from certain one’s too. I know I have a type I am totally attracted to, but problem is they are all married, in relationships or something. I swear it’s my generation, born in the early 80’s where you still had a childhood, but technology was coming around and you wanted to be apart of it, but now many years later you want to remove yourself from technology at times and still meet good men. The problem with that is they are all too busy looking at their phones to even look up. Hey, as a woman I am totally guilty of that same thing so no judgment okay.

Do you ever wonder why it’s so hard? Do we make it difficult? I always thought a relationship was just two people who are attracted to one another, understand the rules, have fun, hang out, be with friends or totally alone. Take it day to day with just understanding that it may or may not work out, but here is the real kicker. I have kind of had to learn this the hard way from many experiences, never ever let the man think that all you want is a ring out of them because you will never get anywhere, when in reality all you want from them is either, dinner, really great sex, and basic human contact. Think about the ring later when you have been together for about three or four years. Men freak out over the littlest of things, we as women just laugh at them, but does having that ring on your finger really truly mean something? To a lot of people it does. It means that you are committed to love someone with your entire being, your goal in life is to make sure you love, honor and respect that person for the rest of your natural life. To others it is just a way to pick up women (sad I know) but if you’ve been single for a long time and no ring has ever been produced and neither has any relationship you start to wonder what now? Will it ever happen? When will I never not feel alone, and when will that moment come for me? I mean I’m not asking for a ring, I have in the past (years ago) but now I’d rather have something real, something that is worth my time and effort than that gold band. God will always be the number one center of any relationship that I have, but when you think about it there is so much more.

So everyone this is what a single gal in Kansas does on a Friday night while everyone is out dancing, drinking, having a fun time making out with some random guy or getting his number saying, “Yeah I’ll call you” and never do. When you finally hit your mid to late thirties the fun days of going out on the weekends is really sitting at home with your cat, watching “Sex in the City” on your Kindle, while eating dinner on your bed in your pajamas. Looking at your overweight cat with half a haircut going on and wishing you had some dang ice cream! Good times in KC I tell you.