Finding the Funny Moments

The crap part about being in the Midwest there are more than two different types of guys. The business man, wannabe jock, college dude, and more. That list can go on and on. It really is funny. Do you ever sit at some random coffee shop and just look at everyone? I mean really look. You find the most interesting people, and come up with some of the most interesting ideas of their life. It’s like your own little inside joke.

Take a moment to just enjoy what is out there. I love sitting down having lunch somewhere casually. I’ll have my book in my hand just reading, every now and then I look up and see what is going on. I look at a guy who is dressed very nice, business suit. I think maybe he’s a banker, or a lawyer. Just got done with a midday lunch meeting that he couldn’t avoid. Then again I see the lady sitting with him. Instantly I think, co-worker, but then I observe their faces and try to imagine their conversation. I give myself a little chuckle and go back to my book. I do the avoiding thing very well at times.

The funnest thing you can do when you are out walking around at some random place enjoying your ice cream or fun frappe you got for free because you’ve earned enough stars from Starbucks you start to see all the cracks and beauty that your little City has to offer. Then you find the one place you know you can just be you. For me it is this random bookstore that I was introduced to by an old friend, that place was the center of everything in my own little world. Old books, new books, and where the owner says, “Cash is King beautiful lady.” with those magic words, I pull out my twenty dollars and walk out with four or five great “new” used books.

What are your little moments? For me it is sitting out on my patio when the sun is coming up with my cup of tea (I’m horrible at making coffee, laugh, I do) no noise from anyone or anything, just sitting out there with my cat taking in the Kansas sun and sky. I maybe reading one of my “new books”, remembering the lecture I had while discussing this story with my mother and how important it was to understand why Mr. Darcy was a different kind of guy, and how I know I’ll never meet one just like him. (If you read the story you will understand) I giggle to myself because it’s funny.

I don’t go out with my friends. They are all spread out in different locations. Some are married with kids, some work nights, some live in different parts of the City, plus we have to go according to paydays. It’s part of life, at least I’m real about it. Even then what is there to discuss? I know I miss those random conversations over the phone, now it’s all texting or Snap-chatting (which is kind of fun in its own right) do you ever miss the days when you had an actual house phone with an answering machine, or maybe the old cord that gets stretched out so much that it no longer has its bounce. Yeah, I know I do. I mean why not record players are back and are far more popular now than they were when I had one.

Enjoying those little moments that you miss when you are so preoccupied with life and all the crap that isn’t going right pulls you away from who you are. I love knowing who I am and not be ashamed of it. It’s actually made me stronger than I could have ever imagined. Just wish more people would do that. Here is what we need to do every now and then, put the phone down! I am totally guilty of it, look at life on a beautiful sunny day sipping on your Venti, Soy, Double Chocolate Chip Frappe and look at the world. For me my world is hidden in words, old words that are no longer spoken.