Rainy Day

Do you ever wish you could just sit for a moment and listen to the rain fall and let the world around you pass by?  I do, but then my brain starts to fire off things that I don’t want to think about, and few things I do.

What seems so hard in life for you may end up being easy for others, but you wonder why? Why do you still compare yourself to others when in reality you do not need to. Who knows what their world looks like at the end of the day. They maybe missing something that you have, but remember the door swings both ways. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, what looks perfect isn’t really perfect.

One thing you will need to know about me is that I am a seriously deep thinker. I can’t help it. I observe people way too much, over analyse my life and the life of others, not to mention I read so many books that I wonder if it is ever really possible for people to live a life according to the novels you read. I laugh at myself often because there really isn’t reason not to. I don’t shy away from topics that should or should not be discussed, I don’t hide who I am, pretty much what you see is what you get. I am an open book per se.

My biggest problem is that I am obsessed with love, the idea of it, the thought of it, the need, want, and more. I see it daily with many different things. The love of a pet, friend, cousin, mother, father, and even a lover. I can never understand why people take it for granted when other’s crave it so much. The problem is be careful with too much, because it can lead you to just accepting someone who isn’t right for you. As a woman you have to set standards, nothing wrong with it, just wish more people would. Then again holding a sign out in front of them saying something clever as: “Needy, love sick puppy who is super clingy, but complains when you don’t give them space.” that one is pretty funny. I know mine would say, “Independent, strong minded woman searching for a man who is just present no games just be there, non-materialistic, a good solid Christian man who isn’t afraid to try something new. I promise it would be an Adventure.” aka Never a dull moment.

There is a major difference between good guys and bad guys, but the problem is if you can’t read them early on then you might be confused. Many are the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” kind of guy. Just like us, men face the issue of so many good women, but the bad one’s have given us a horrible reputation. Yet, just like us when a good one comes along something always seems to mess it up. Could be family, faith, beliefs, jobs and more. Pick your poison for that one.

Being alone for so long you start to wonder is there ever really a good man out there? If there is why are they not carrying signs to show they are available? Have we become so jaded with a materialistic life and an ideal of what’s to be sold, whatever happened to the simple life and just loving every minute of it. I have a list of what I am looking for in my ideal guy, is putting it all out there too much or too soon?